Why we are Successful 


Intertrade Concepts Express was born out of our own experiences dealing with factories and cultures abroad. Our passion for branding and improving products from quality, well sourced manufacturers is the heart of our business model. By crafting and nurturing a more personal relationship with the manufacturer it allows more relaxed MOQs and adjusted prices for their preferred clients. We diligently search trade shows globally and follow up with the manufacturer at the source. Negotiating prices and materials over tea in person is far more lucrative and straightforward than some low level online employee which can take months to hash out all the details. More importantly, we offer unique and tailor made services for our clients, passing our relationships and logistical networks on to you so your businesses thrives like we want them to, as well as, marketing and sales teams globally to help assist your dream. Let us connect you better to the fast moving market of online retail.


Our years of success sourcing at trade shows around the globe, and designing and improving products, has given us an edge in global trade sales. The nuances of creating or selling your own product can be daunting and costly. Let us increase your profit margins by stocking your online store with better made products, along with cheaper wholesale prices from quality sourced manufacturers from around the globe. We are a partner you can trust because we are invested in your success. Our team of sales and product design specialists work with you to make the items you sell truly unique. Use our considerable market efficiency and cost reduction to save you money and help your bottom line. We provide the services, thoughtful intuition, and energetic and quality results to help you get your project done quick and efficiently. Its is our duty to help you achieve your goals and find you exactly what you are looking for; a skill we pride ourselves on doing quickly, but diligently.


Whether its assisting you find your product, design it, ship it, or match you with a reliable, honest, and quality manufacturer we can help. Contact us for a free consultation today and get your dream started with confidence!